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We asked AI what sexy will look like in 100 years. This was the result.

by Master Ryker 02 Jan 2024 0 Comments

How we define sexy has certainly changed in the last 100 years.

(I still get hot from ankle pics...grandma. can. get. it.) While we can perceive fashion elements of the future, how we define sexy can shift in unexpected ways.


Here to party like its 1899

Sexy certainly has evolved

With this dramatic shift of what sexy means from 1900 to today, what can we expect from the future? Luckily we have some assistance.
I asked generative AI what sexy could look like in 100 years....And it sure delivered.
DISCLAIMER: I just want to note that yes I'm sure there are some high quality Midjourney elements we could have used, but Jank-tech AI is way more fun to ask. If the pitchforks come out, well make a separate article for it.


Here's what was created:

Dude is jacked and I'm here for it. On secondary glance, it looks like this is a suit that sculpts, heals injury, has wifi hotspots? 7/10

Some styles in the 1900s remain timeless, perhaps this hairstyle becomes the same? 8/10


there seems to be a type of cybernetic enhancement placement on the legs that accentuate curves...Something that augments sport abilities. Perhaps in this era we've developed frictionless clothing? 9/10

This guy looks like a soft daddy, and he can get it. The clothing style is interesting, the colors make me believe he works for Harley-Quinn. 6.5/10

Gives me Matrix vibes: 10001011101/10  

What I love about this is the mixture of BDSM culture with retro 80s sci-fi and 90s rave vibes. the merging of cultures in the future will definitely be a thing and this reflects well for it. 10/10

Id wear this now. Someone call Temu and make this a thing. 10/10

Kim Kardashian, but make it space. Bose speakers can have you taste sounds in the future: 8/10

not the boldest fashion, but certainly timeless: 6.5/10

The accessories for this is set up is fire. 7/10

and for funzies, we asked for 10000 years in the future.


Ok, we went too far forward

waaaaaay to far...maybe it goes full circle at 100000 years?

Nope...just technological horrors beyond our comprehension @#$^@%%/10


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