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We asked AI what sex toys will look like in 100 years.

by Master Ryker 04 Jan 2024 0 Comments

We are back again with another AI generation post! 


This time we asked what sex toys might look like in 100 years!  In this one, we decided to use a few engines (mainly to get around some TOS nonsense but also for funzies) the results, once again, did not disappoint.

A bit of background

Sex toys have had their evolution over the years ( as seen in our previous articles)

1920s toys

Whew, grandma had it rough.

Todays toys

does she get wifi? Over air updates? will she reject me? I have so many questions!

With so much progress in 100 years, I wanted to see what AI could cook up for us this time by seeing into the next 100 years!

Disclaimer: Just as in the last article, the jank is a feature not a bug.  Enjoy!


Blob Vibrator 

I mean, not too much different than some of the ergonomic options we have now, maybe a meta material the shapes to your insides for the perfect fit? still pretty boring 2/10




:im not sure what to think on this one.  Lets assume the future found a new esoteric way to pleasure on this one. its pretty doe, 2/10

Portable Sybian: 

The human race is finished as men are no longer needed...1000/10


Spiky Danger Plug:

Either a updated double twisty gawk gawk or the absolute worst plug in the world. -100/10 for pleasure, 100/10 for style


Cock lens:

this looks like a gawk gawk cock ring: 7/10 looks heavy duty fer sure

Retro Renaissance:

So pretty!!!! 8/10



Of course we need to talk about VR in this post.  I love this look.  Wonder how complete immersive vr will effect relationships. 10/10


Sci-fi Furries:

Like cat stormtroopers: order 66/10


Magic wand 2124: 

Minus the jank, this looks surprisingly tame: 7/10


Rule34 chair:

This almost feels like something youd experience in VR. but hey if it vibes it vibes: 10/10


What do you think well see in the future? Comment down below!

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